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Polar Xtracts, with over 33 years of collective experience is a world leader in hemp extraction. We supply our customers with the highest-quality CBD oils and isolates. Our focus is to deliver quality and consistency starting with the best seeds, sustainable farming practices, state-of-the-art operations and expertise, all backed up by third-party testing that our customers can rely on and trust. We offer a variety of ingredient solutions and work with our customers to find the best option based on your specific finished product needs.

CBD Isolate

CBD Full Spectrum Crude & Distillate

CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate

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Transparency You Can Trust

 From our founding at MRX Labs, one of the largest botanical testing labs in the country to our evolution to MRX Xtractors, Polar Xtracts is uniquely positioned with a team of industry leaders, cutting-edge innovation and complete ingredient transparency. Let Polar Xtracts be your supplier for high-quality and dependable contract manufacturing CBD ingredients.