90%+ CBD and THC Free

Our THC free broad-spectrum distillate is our premium CBD ingredient. Cannabidiol or CBD is the prominent cannabinoid found in our THC Free Distillate, with other minor cannabinoids being found in lesser quantities. Other cannabinoids found in the product include Cannabigerol (CBG), and Cannabidivarian (CBDV). With a similar profile to the full spectrum distillate, all detectable THC is removed. CBD broad spectrum oil distillate is refined hemp oil extract that includes all of the compounds found naturally in the plant, and the oil is processed to remove all of the THC.

Total CBD found in product

Total CBG found in product

Total CBDV found in product

Not psychoactive: THC Free

Golden oil color

Additional processing resulting in heightened purity and increased quality control measures

Noticeable flavor

Noticeable scent

Spec Sheets provided upon request.

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