Highest Quality Oregon Grown Hemp

Polar Xtracts uses a proprietary extraction process. This process achieves the highest-quality CBD content and relevant cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBDA, among others. Our products start with the exceptional Oregon Hemp that is grown and harvested under tightly controlled conditions and guidelines. 

Our extraction process involves introducing a chilled solvent to the hemp plant to extract the cannabinoids. Our process ensures a higher quality product that is governed by strict regulatory compliance. The raw hemp material is then refined removing lipids and fats, which leaves a more refined hemp oil. Our full spectrum crude and distilate contains CBD levels of 65%+ and 80%+.  Full spectrum offers the full benefits of the hemp plant to produce the entourage effect. 


Features of Product

Full benefit of the whole plant

Approximate CBD Crude levels

Approximate CBD Distillate levels

Amber oil color

Noticeable flavor

Noticeable scent

Spec Sheets provided upon request.

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