We Infuse Quality into Every Capsule

We offer encapsulate solutions with custom formulations built for you. By partnering with one of the largest encapsulation contract manufacturers, we can produce over a billion capsules a year, ensuring we can meet your CBD needs. We offer full turnkey manufacturing solutions in both liquid-filled, and powder-filled capsules to meet every formulation need. We can package your capsules in glass or plastic bottles, blister cards, or in bulk. We have full vertical integration to supply you with finished format encapsulated formulas using our highest quality CBD in ready to sell packaging.

Encapsulating CBD oil is an excellent solution for enabling easy and secure handling of the oil. It prevents oxidation from heat and light exposure, which ensures a higher quality product. Although there are different delivery forms available in the market for CBD oil, the benefits associated with CBD oil capsules are:

  • Protection from exposure to humidity, light, and air
  • Controlled release of CBD oil in the digestive system
  • Overcoming undesirable taste and smell
  • Easy-to-handle and controlled dosage

Our finished product is manufactured under the following certifications:


NSF for Sport

Organic Certified

Oregon Food Licensed

Canadian Site Licensed

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