A History of Innovation and Leadership You Can Trust

At Polar Xtracts, we are driven by product transparency and surpassing compliance requirements. That’s because we grew out of MRX Labs, one of the largest botanical testing labs in the country. MRX Labs was built on a culture of quality, compliance, and community. From the lab, we transitioned into MRX Xtractors, which provides the most innovative CO2 and ethanol extractors on the market today. MRX added automation, repeatability, and compliance to an industry where it was lacking. From this background, Polar Xtracts is extending its own path of quality, compliance, and community into hemp-derived products.

Our Mission is Transparency

We know that trust matters in this industry, and we’re committed to providing you product consistency and ingredient details. Transparency, safety, and chain of custody are paramount to our success. Nothing is more important to us than the integrity of our products.

All our products come with the following:

Seed Certification

State of Oregon Department of Agriculture

Oregon Department of Agriculture Approved

QAI Certified Organic

Grown Organic


Oregon Grown


Specification Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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