Polar Xtracts Proprietary Process

Our goal is to make the highest quality CBD oil, distillate, and isolate on the market. We start with the best seeds from Oregon CBD for non-GMO, 100% type III and IV hemp qualified varieties in the world , with 100% female plants from seed validated through genetic testing and large scale field trials.

The Hemp-derived CBD is grown by our Oregonian farming partners who have been farming the rich fertile soils of Oregon since the early 1900s. Our farming partners are legacy farmers with generations of family farming background who have committed to sustainable farming practices, along with supporting organic and local, make them our ideal partner.

We use the most innovative equipment using a proprietary cold solvent extraction process and the highest quality solvent available. The proprietary technology allows us to maintain a small temperature window to meet bulk supply needs while meeting regulatory compliance benchmarks. This ensures that every batch of CBD distillate and and isolate that we produce is exactly the same quality and consistency that you will come to expect.

‚ÄčOur products are independently lab tested to ensure safety and consistency and delivered in sterile lock-tight containers. We provide full transparency in our seed to sale tracking system so that you have complete confidence in the Polar Xtracts ingredients you purchase.

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